7.3. Disconnect

Similar to the authenticate request, Typhoon, Twister, and Tornado Back End will send the following to the authentication program when a host disconnects:

	Action: disconnect\r\n
	Cookie: empty\r\n
	ConnectionTag: -\r\n
	Hostname: browser.company.com\r\n
	SessionID: session\r\n
	Username: username\r\n
	IncomingFeedName: value\r\n
	Subscription: value\r\n
	FilterSubscription: value\r\n
	AllowReading: value\r\n
	AllowFeeding: value\r\n
	AllowPosting: value\r\n
	AllowNewNews: value\r\n
	SendXrefInOverviews: value\r\n
	WelcomeMessage: value\r\n
	XComplaintsTo: value\r\n
	Organization: value\r\n
	ForceOrganization: value\r\n
	TimeOut: value\r\n
	HostConnectionLimit: value\r\n
	MaxIncomingNumberOfStreams: value\r\n

As before, the string value will be replaced by the appropriate value from the appropriate feed object.

Typhoon, Twister, and Tornado Back End expect NO response to this request.